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Free Book Marketing Plan 2021

When you’re marketing a business book, the most important thing you can do is frame your thinking around three core tenets:

1. Your book is a marketing tool—not the thing you market 2. Book marketing is a long term process—not a single event 3. No one cares about your book—they only care what your book gets them

  • Set up your own Author Website, an Amazon Author Page, a Goodreads Author Page, Bookbub Author Page, Facebook Author Page (and, for good measure, any other Author Pages that come up in the future).

  • Engage with readers through social channels, reading and review platforms. Try contests like asking users to send photos with your book, etc.

  • Get at least 20 reviews on Amazon on the day of the launch, through ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) or giveaways.

  • Promote on various book promotion sites with a good subscriber base like Bookbub etc.

  • Do blog hopping and blog tours (guest posting and interviews on relevant blogs with a large audience).

  • Create a video trailer for your book. Here you can see the examples Click here

  • Try to get reviews from influential reviewers and interviews on podcasts.

  • If you are a new author, launch with a price promotion or give free copies to generate sales so that you reach the #1 bestseller list on Amazon and get that bragging right.

  • Concentrate all your promotional efforts for the launch week so that the combined impact helps your book make it to the #1 spot on Amazon (usually calculated based on 1 week’s sale). Follow it with a drip marketing campaign 3-4 weeks after launch.

  • Write a series of books because it is easier to sell a series than a single book. Also, it helps you get more visibility.

  • Ensure your book is available in multiple formats because ebooks help you get real estate at online stores while print edition does the same at offline stores.


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