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Promotional Opportunities


✅ Your book will be sent out to our 25,000 email subscribers

✅ 90-second book trailer creation

✅ Promotion on Allauthor, Wattpad and many more....

✅ We create a personalized post about author and your book and post it on our Facebook page.

✅ Your book will get posted on 20+ Facebook groups which has more than 300K book lovers

✅ We will promote your book on 20 plus book marketing platforms.

✅ One Website Design for book and author page - FREE DOMAIN FOR ONE YEAR.

✅ Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn Promotion for 45 Days Continue.

✅ You will get a list of 200+ active book blogs and thoughtful, quality book reviewers who actively read books and review them.

✅ You will get a list of 150+ YouTubers who post books on their YouTube channels and support all types of books and authors

✅ Free Author Page on our website - Permanent Page

✅ Deal of the Day & Book of the Day Promotion on our website.

✅ Your Books will be Featured on our Facebook Page Cover.

✅ Detailed work report - Excel & Google SpreadSheet file

Tips for Success


✅ Actually, writing the book was just the first step if you intend to sell it to the public ☺ There is plenty of work left to do.

✅ A professional, quality book cover.

✅ Learn from the most popular books in your genre — what helps them sell.

✅ If you are a first-time author, you could look up Amazon’s top reviewers and shortlist the ones who have reviewed books from your genre.

✅ Advertise on multiple platforms/sites. The goal is to get enough movement on your book so the Amazon algorithm notices your book. Let the world's largest book seller help promote your book.

In What Platforms Book is Available?

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What Authors are saying about

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Ashraf Karayath

This is the best value I've had on a promotion for a long time. Thank you for an excellent result


Zoe Cassell

I am so grateful to have a site like this. exceeded my expectations. `Thank you very much!!


Michelle Person

For the price of a Chrismas gift , my book rose to #1 in two categories on Amazon and got more Sales


Florian Linder

I was amazed with the results and timely updates. Just $99 and great visible results. Thank you

Man Portrait

Kamil Mulawa is one of the best platforms to get the real value of your book promotion. 

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