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Our main aim would be to get sales, reviews, and awareness of your book. Here is a list of marketing tasks we will perform to promote your books.


GoodRead Promotion - I will use the Goodreads platform to promote your book in front of the relevant audience which will help us in branding and increasing book sales as there people only come for the books and find new books in their favorite genre so we would have a good chance to get our book prompted there and increase the book awareness and sales. I will find similar books on GoodReads and go to their comment box and target the people who commented there as those will be the very relevant audience for your book. I will join the groups there and create topics and participate in other groups to discuss our book. Here are some of the books and topics on GoodReads.

SubReddit Promotion - There are many subreddits (communities) for books on Reddit that we can use to promote the book as they are specifically for the books so it can be a very good option for us to get a good number of book readers on the website and Amazon page. I will only find the SubReddits which will be in the genre of your book so that people can relate themselves to the book content and buy the book.

Book Social Media Marketing - I will do regular social media promotion to increase the branding and awareness of the book which will help us in sales. I will manage the promotion on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube/Shorts, and many other major social media channels. Here are some examples of the posts I will be creating to promote your book through social media channels.

Book Email Marketing - I offer short-term & long-term email marketing campaigns depending on your needs. I design your email campaigns, handle delivery and provide tracking and reporting. I have a list of 17,000 emails database that I can use to do the email blast to promote your books.

Wattpad Promotion - There is a platform called Wattpad where people read short stories from books, I think we can target all those people for your books by putting the short stories from the books so that once they will like the short stories they can go to buy the books from Amazon. Wattpad has 90 million users, the majority are readers, collectively spending 20 billion minutes each month using Wattpad so it would be a great platform to promote your website to get success. Here is an example of the chapter (short story) from the book where they have got 294K watched and 4.8k people liked the story

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Author Website SEO - I will do the regular SEO tasks to increase the website traffic and make the website stronger on the search engines with some long tail keywords in the beginning and then once we would have enough audience on the website we can add a blog section where we can make the blog post with the book topics as it will help us to make your brand and get a good number of the relevant traffic on the website which we can convert into the sales.

Instagram DM Promotion - There are thousands of people on Instagram who are regular book readers and if we can target them for our book promotion then it would be very helpful to make the book successful as once we would have a list of people we can send them DM’s, Contribute to conversations on their profiles by providing relevant comments and discussing the book content to increase the awareness and traffic on the book page. I will find similar books on Amazon and find their Instagram handles so that we can target their audience, for that, I will be only targeting the people who would like their recent posts on Instagram so that we can make sure that we are only targeting the active audience from their pages.  

Premium Book Press Release & Worldwide Distribution - 

This is my premium book press release service. I’ll write a professional press release for your book, and then your press release will be distributed worldwide and reach at least 200 premium online news outlets, including guaranteed placements on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC sites. Proof of distribution also included:
A full distribution report showing the PR pickups in an easy-to-read PDF format.

Facebook Groups Promotion - 

I will find the relevant groups on Facebook where I will promote the book to them as I will make informative posts with the book links on them which will help us to get a good number of relevant audiences on the book pages. This can be a cheap, easy, and fast way to get your book out there a bit more and if we find more specific groups on Facebook in the relevant genre then they can surely help to boost sales.

Tips for Success


✅ Actually, writing the book was just the first step if you intend to sell it to the public ☺ There is plenty of work left to do.

✅ A professional, quality book cover.

✅ Learn from the most popular books in your genre — what helps them sell.

✅ If you are a first-time author, you could look up Amazon’s top reviewers and shortlist the ones who have reviewed books from your genre.

✅ Advertise on multiple platforms/sites. The goal is to get enough movement on your book so the Amazon algorithm notices your book. Let the world's largest book seller help promote your book.

What Authors are saying about

What Authors are saying about

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Ashraf Karayath

This is the best value I've had on a promotion for a long time. Thank you for an excellent result


Zoe Cassell

I am so grateful to have a site like this. exceeded my expectations. `Thank you very much!!


Michelle Person

For the price of a Chrismas gift , my book rose to #1 in two categories on Amazon and got excellent numbers of Sales


Florian Linder

I was amazed with the results and timely updates. Just $299 and great visible results. Thank you

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Kamil Mulawa is one of the best platforms to get the real value of your book promotion. 

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