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Reading Books Makes You Better

If you’re a reader, here’s your chance to find hundreds of free and discounted Books every single month. If you’re an author, you can review any of our sites to examine the types of books that are being offered so you can choose the best fit for your marketing plan and eBook.

In the end, readers get books, authors get readers and we get the satisfaction of knowing no quality book needs to languish, hidden away or lost in obscurity when even a single soul might find, somewhere in those electronic pages something to love; something to read again and again. In our universe, we want no author to go unread and no reader to be without great books to read.

Unlike the majority of promotional Book services, we openly accept new writers and newly released books that haven’t yet met a specific review quota; After all, how does an author find readers to create those oh-so-necessary reviews if the author can’t promote his or her book to readers?

It’s all about the words and that special bond they create between the hearts and minds of the writer and his or her awaiting, potentially unaware fans. Let’s all work together to make sure everyone walks away happy, proud and fulfilled.

Thank you for considering as your eBook promotional destination.

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